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Dissecting Forum Cash: How to Determine if Legit or Scam

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How does Earnmailer work? A walk-through.

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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

My Collection of Good Home-based Jobs

Because I am one of those who are in continuous search for real home-based jobs, I feel like I need to share the websites that I believe are really paying. I have been a victim of many fake work-from-home online jobs and it really feels awful because you worked hard for nothing. Zero. My advice to those who are want to make money online and are searching websites for online opportunities:

Never give upfront payment. A true home-based job offering get their money from your work.. Their clients pay them for the job and a fraction of that money is paid to you. Crowdsourcing websites are free and the best examples of legit home-based jobs. It is a place that enables people to find freelancers (writers, programmers, artists, etc) to do work for them. Crowdsourcing sites that I trust include:

  1. - my #1 website for freelancers. They charge their fee to clients not to the freelancers (you, the contractor). For example, a $10 has an oDesk fee of $1.56. When you bid $10 and you get accepted, you will be paid full $10 after finishing the project and the oDesk fee is charged to the client. They also offer upfront payments and you can directly withdraw from your local bank (selected countries only, Philippines included) for free. One downside is that bogus clients begin to show up and post attracting jobs. Be sure to bid on jobs from clients with good reviews and verified payment methods.
  2. - I like this website because it is similar to oDesk only that they have higher fees. The best option, if you are not from the US or UK is to be paid through paypal.
  3. - only for freelancers who have lots of money and with the confidence of getting hired immediately because they have really high fees. For example, once you get a job they will ask for a $5 fee. What's good in is you, as the contractor, is secured because they offer dispute settlements and escrow. They also have contests too. Plus! The pay is high so everything compensates.
  4. - good website too just like oDesk. They offer good free membership packages. But, you need to choose the area you want to work with though because they only let you choose one for free members. 

  • Read and Investigate. There are certain indicators of scam websites. One I gave you above. If the website offers something to good to be true, then it is most certainly a scam. Look for a Contact Us page, and About Us page, a Forum page, Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, and Copyright. See if they have these pages in their website and compare how they are drafted to any legitimate website you know. The google homepage will do.
Here is another list of websites that I trust and a brief review about them. These are passive earning opportunities. Meaning, you earn even if you practically do nothing. These are like PTCs.
  1. - is a website that offers their members to earn while sending emails. You need to have an email account, set up their advertisements to your email signature, and send emails. You will 'earn' when your recipient clicks those ads. What's more is that you can convert your earnings to your mobile load credits for Globe/TM, Smart/TnT, or Sun.
  2. - is one of the websites that offers surveys in the Philippines. Ann and Kate is a company registered in Japan. It offers points accumulation (i.e. 10 points = 1 peso). You can also exchange your points to Sodexo gift checks. 
  3. - is a URL shortening service website. Have you noticed URLs like with that in the beginning? Turns out, you can also make money through this service. You earn money when people click your URL. Isn't it perfect? You get to free a few characters when sharing something in Twitter or Facebook, you also earn.

If you have found a website that seems enticing but are not sure if it is scam or legit, you can always ask me through a comment below and I will respond soonest.

Monday, October 21, 2013

I Signed-up for Forum Cash: A Big Mistake (Review)

When I was browsing the internet I saw this very enticing website,, that offers too-good-to-be-true system of freelance work. They have many home-based jobs posted and the pay is sky high that if, really true, is more than the salary of a company manager or even more.

I let my guard down a bit becuase not anywhere in the website will you find something asking for money for their service. Other websites will ask you for upgront payment before joining which is obviously a scam. My principle is when a website asks money from you, it is ALWAYS scam. Close that window and move on. Forumcash did not so I stayed and read more about the projects.

They say that their projects are easy to do but if you want to get hired you have to pass their test. Like an initiation for a sorority. The purpose of the screening is to know if you are really interested to do the job. They will want you to post links on Facebook walls of your friends, not once but 50 or more times (mine was 25). Not only that, you will need to post links to twitter together with hashtags (I did those 20 times). 

I never finished their screening because after my FB posts (note: my friends for annoyed and threatened to block and report me. Just kidding the last part) and twitter tweets submitted, they sent me another grueling set of Facebook posts and Twitter tweets (and my friends will seriously block me this time). Actually I was surprised that they did not even notice that I only submitted 20 Facebook posts instead of the required 25 which, in my opinion, indicates that they do not give a damn if you complete it or not just as you share their links to attract traffic (Is that why they are very popular?). I don't even know if they checked all the URLs that I have submitted to be legit (I wish I could have faked the last ones. Talk about regrets). 

I saw some reviews online about Forum cash too and most of them were negative ones. One even said that Forum cash pays but at a rate of 200 to 300 pesos per day! With all of that work and the possibility of your friends not talking to you ever, ridiculously ridiculous! You can find the reviews here: - From, here is a review from a person who have finished the initial test and is actually already working from Forum Cash. Bottom line, he/she got ripped off. - Note from this website "This site is using an anonymous service - which prevents us from identifying the site owner." Suspicious. - MyLot forum about people who have tried (and I think, regretted) Forum Cash.

Positive ForumCash review: - A Youtube video of a woman who claims she is working for ForumCash. This video is also posted in their website. Do you believe her?

If there is some ForumCash benefit that I got, that is the two followers I gained from Twitter.

Do you have a ForumCash experience? Share it with us.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Is AdFly a SCAM? How does it work?

Have you ever heard about Adfly? It is one of the many platforms on the internet that offers to earn money online. It is a pay-per-click (PTC) system wherein you earn from every unique click on that specific link assigned to you by AdFly. It is a shortened URL that looks like this:

The AdFly link above will automatically redirect you to their website and sign up page. Share your URL for people to click. You earn for every link clicked.

Reasons why I think AdFly is real:

So far, I think that AdFly is NOT a scam. It is one of the legit make money online sites that are true to their words. I am on the process of trying this one out and so far. I have read their forum and many users have submitted their payment proof. Moreover, their website have indicators of authenticity. First, they have a contact and support pages, a tools page where you can shorten up to 20 URLs, and more. You can read more review on the internet.

It is useful in your everyday social life. Social sites like Twitter allows only a few characters for you to use. Many Twitter users are now shortening website URLs that they want to share and millions are using the service of AdFly to do it. If you want to tweet something longer, why not use AdFly?

You can sign up here: AdFly Sign Up page

Thursday, October 10, 2013

AirAsia Zest Grants Your Travel Wishlist through Blog Contest

I have a dream. How will it be like to travel and know your country by heart - the culture, the places, the people, the country? I have never really traveled that far from my hometown here in Eastern Samar. Imagine if someone asks you to describe beautiful destinations in your country and you have no idea what to say. The biggest shame for a person is to be an alien in her own home. No one wants that to happen, not me nor you. I have a dream - to Travel in the Philippines. This October, AirAsia Zest will make not just mine, but many blogger's dream come true.

Everyone say AirAsia Zest, The Right Way to Fly! I will surely make this my mantra if I get picked as one of the 10 lucky winners of their Blog Contest. Five of whom will win local destination tickets each and the other five will win grand international travel tickets.Don't you want it to be your mantra too?

Share your top five destinations too! I have mine below:

1. Palawan. Palawan is my top destination choice because of its award-winning tourist spot...guess? The one of the New Seven Wonders of the World - Puerto Prinsesa Underground River. For a place that upholds the country's pride, in my opinion, every Filipino must strive to personally experience the PPUR. Who would not want to experience this heaven on earth? AirAsia in Manila will take you there. (Photo credits to: )

The Puerto Prinsesa Underground River. Photo taken from URL:
2. Boracay, the very famous island in the western region of Visayas. The talk of the town for those who would like to experience clear aquamarine waters and perfect, fine white sand beach. The first time I heard about Boracay is that the island is apparently divided into three stations, namely 1, 2, and 3. I was intrigued because it was amusing for me to know such a place named accordingly. I did some research and the stations are based on the sand consistency and kind of hotels and restaurants. Station 1 has the finest and station 3 establishments are cheapest. I wish to experience Boracay too. Do you?

Boracay. Photo taken from URL:
3. Tagbilaran City is the capital of Bohol province. The province is the home of the cute, little brown creature with huge brown eyes who lives in eucalyptus trees, the famous brown hills named after everyone's favorite sweet dessert, and everyone's favorite serene river. That's a little trivia. The tarsier, the Chocolate Hills, and the Loboc River are three of Bohol's finest treasures no one can ever steal. But Bohol willingly shares the experience to every tourist. How I wish to get a taste of that Bohol experience. AirAsia Zest flies from Manila to various destinations in the country and abroad too.
Chocolate Hills. Photo taken from URL:

4. Shanghai, China. Fourth on my list is China mainly because I want to see the roots of our Chinese heritage. To witness the rich and colorful culture of the Chinese, and maybe learn their way of being determined in business and practice it in the Philippines- wouldn't it be great to be there. Also, I have always admired the tranquility of their temples. Silence is a great opportunity for self-reflection. Moreover, I have a cousin I would like to visit there. Do you also have relatives you want to visit? Travel in Asia with AirAsia now.
The Yuyuan Garden. Photo taken from URL:

5. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I'd like to visit this country and see the Petronas towers and other tourist destinations. I'd like to meet new friends and people for my personal growth.
The Petronas Towers. Photo taken from URL:

Good news for those who would like to travel the Philippines and around Asia. AirAsia partners with Zest to provide their customers their best services. Another suprise from AirAsia Zest is for you to compare their ticket prices to others and you will be blown! According to nuffnang, "AirAsia Zest may now take you to your destination at affordable prices (AirAsia Zest dares you to compare prices!)"

As mentioned above, you can also make your dream travel to your favorite destinations come true with AirAsiaZest. Join their blog contest in partnership with Nuffnang here: